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Air Quality

Believe it or not, the quality of the air inside your home is probably worse than it is outdoors. Not only can dirty air make you less comfortable, it can potentially create a serious problem for family members who suffer from allergies and asthma.

  • Most homes naturally generate about 40lbs. of dust per year for every 1,500 square feet of space.
  • Just one ounce of dust can hold about 40,000 dust mites, one of the most common household allergens.
  • Up to 72 trillion allergens find their way into your home every day.*

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Trane CleanEffects is uniquely capable of removing up to 99.98% of airborne pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, dust and bacteria. View Trane CleanEffects Info Clean air ducts are critical to the health of your family and your home. AccuTemp professionally cleans, sanitizes and clears away accumulated bacteria, mold, dust and lint from your ducts to help you breathe easier. Trane CleanEffects removes more than 99% of flu viruses from a home filtered air system. Ventilation is used to control indoor air quality. Excess humidity, odors, and contaminants can often be controlled via dilution or replacement with outside air. Contact us about Ventilation and Repairs


It is important to keep the air dry in your basement to control mold and mildew growth as well as prevent rot of supporting structures. If humidity rises above a 50% level, the increased water vapor present in the air can begin to cause furniture to warp, harbor toxic mold and encourage fungus to grow and can accelerate wood rot. Mold ruins things in your basement and is often found with bacteria, rot, insects, termites and rodents. To make the situation worse, mold creates spores that are hazardous to your health. As these spores travel through your home, they cause health problems and can irritate eyes, ears, the nose, and the throat, and can create all sorts of health problems. Pregnant women, children, and elderly people are at an especially high risk. Many people with common allergies such as pollen and pet allergies are also allergic to mold. For people with allergies, basement dehumidification is essential to decrease health risks particularly associated with the toxic mold and fungus. Contact us about Basement Dehumidification